10 natural beauty tips for glowing skin
Glowing skin is something that every women desires to have. To achieve the same we use so many products that are available in market. Sadly, these products contain harmful chemicals the damage our skin in long run. Nature has a lot of things in abundance which has so many benefits. Each thing in nature has a specific quality that makes it beneficial for different purposes.

Home remedies for glowing skin

·      Tomato

·      Banana

·      Lemon

·      Coconut oil

·      Milk cream

·      Aloe Vera gel

·      Orange peel

·      Cucumber

·      Honey

·      Ubtan

1. Tomato

Tomato has properties of lightening the skin tone and giving a natural glow to the skin. Tomato has so much antioxidant in it that helps in giving a healthy Glowing skin with regular use. Tomato is a natural astringent so it is great ingredient for pores. Tomato helps in keeping you young and beautiful.

2. Banana

Banana has moisturizing properties with potassium, vitamin C and vitamin E. banana helps in revitalizing dry skin and gives you soft and flawless skin. Not just banana, even its peel is used to get rid of dark spots.

3. Lemon

Lemon is used as a natural bleaching agent and provides glow from within to  your face with regular usage.Lemon has Vitamin C in abundance which makes it an ingredient that helps withremoval of toxins from your body thus resulting in glowing skin.

4. Coconut oil

Coconut oil is used for various purposes, be it for skin, hair and even for eating. Coconut is a wonder from nature. It is a boon for dry skin people and gives a natural glow with its usage.

5. Milk cream

Milk cream is a source of protein and because of the same, it has properties of fulfilling all the protein needs for your face. It helps in nourishing the skin from within and provides the moisture and nourishes the skin tissues from within.

6. Aloe vera gel

Aloevera gel is used in numerous beauty products because of its benefits for skin. It gives an instant result on your skin and with long term usage, it gives soft and smooth skin with beautiful glow.

7. Orange peel

Orange peel is great for your skin as it contains more vitamin C than the fruit pulp itself. Because of this, it is used in so many beauty products as it helps in lightening skin tone and tanning with regular usage in no time. The peel has anti bacterial properties which helps with oily and pimple prone skin. 

8. Cucumber


Cucumber is a great ingredient for many skin issues like pigmentation, oiliness, under eye puffiness. It helps in giving freshness and glow to your dull skin and brightens it up.

9. Honey

Honey has emollient properties that mean, it seals the moisture within the skin and makes it soft and smooth which results in natural glow of your skin. It helps in fading scars and gives an even skin tone. 

10. Ubtan

Ubtan is one of the best ayurvedic recipe for skin and its been into use since ages. It is a mixture of different ingredients that give amazing glow to the skin. This is the reason why, applying ubtan on bride to be is a common ritual in Indian culture. It gives the beautiful glow on the bride’s face on her special day.