10 Tips for losing weight & belly fat naturally
Putting up weight is easy, but losing few inches is tough. It is a harsh reality that we all are aware of. In this fast life, keeping balance in your work, personal life and health is really tough. We get so busy in our daily chores that we stop giving importance to the thing that keeps us working, our body.

Theory of losing weight is simple, eat healthy and burn more calories than you take.Sounds easy, right? The thing is, it’s actually not that easy but few changes in our lifestyle can really make it possible. Switching to healthy lifestyle isn’t impossible. All you need is a determined mindset and dedication. Nature has so many options for our needs. Losing weight through natural options is easy too.

Here is list of 10 natural weight loss tips which is going to help you shed kilos in no time.

• Say nay to sugar

Eating sugar increases insulin levels in blood and then it selectively deposits energy from food into fat cells. Eating sugar in a balanced diet is alright, but as its said, excess of everything is bad thus say nay to sugar.

• Add protein to your diet

Most of us forget that how important protein is for our health. It might come out surprising, but because of high thermic effect of protein it helps you lose weight even while you are sleeping. Protein also helps in reducing appetite and you don’t feel much hungry, thus you eat less calories.

• Drink water

Water is the best thing if you want to lose weight. It has no calorie at all and it also gives a feeling of fullness in your tummy so when you drink water before your meal, it controls your appetite. Apart from weight loss thing, drinking water helps in other ways as well. It beautifies your skin, keeps you hydrated and protects you from so many diseases. 

• Eat fiber rich foods

Viscous fibers are so much helpful in order to lose weight. Viscous fibers are soluble fibers which are when consumed form a thick gel like consistency that sits in gut. It takes time to digest and absorb nutrients so it gives a feeling of fullness and thus restricts on your appetite.

• Take enough sleep


Sleep is like nutrition for your body. An average person needs 7-9 hrs.of sleep in order to work in a proper way. Less sleep than that will make your body react in ways that it becomes uncomfortable. The more you sleep the more energized you will be and less prone to munching unnecessary and unhealthy food.

• Drink (unsweetened) coffee

Caffeine is really an amazing ingredient for weight loss. It increases metabolic rate and helps in weight loss. The higher metabolic rate, the more you lose weight even if you eat more than usual. But its only gonna work if you don’t add sugar in it.

• Do cardio

Any sort of cardio helps a lot in weight loss. Be it jogging, running, cycling or skipping.Cardio increases heart rate and thus makes you lose weight. Though, it should be done in a limit as excess cardio can make you lose weight but at the same time it will make your skin saggy. To get rid of the same, weight training should be done as it tightens up muscles. 

• Eat slowly

People tend to eat fast in order to finish their meal fast. This habit is one of the reasons of weight gain. Slowing down while eating gives a feeling of fullness and you tend to eat less than you do usually. Also, if you keep drinking water along with your meal it also helps in giving feeling of fullness.

• Drink jeera /cumin water

For those who don’t know, jeera water is very effective for weight loss. It helps with slow metabolism, constipation, poor digestion etc. Jeera water is prepared with jeera, water and half slice lemon. Cumin seeds are soaked in 2 glasses of water, overnight. Next morning it’s boiled up till it turns 1 glass. Half slice of lemon is added into it, effective jeera water is prepared!

• Eat more fruits and vegetables


Fruits and vegetables help us in keeping us feeling full while we are trying to lose weight. Fruits and vegetables have very low calorie and since they are from nature. Sticking to fruit and vegetables during weight loss journey helps a lot and makes it easier and fast.