15 Amazing benefits of honey on health, skin, and hair
Honey is a great gift of nature. All the credits behind making this amazing ingredient goes to Bees. They use flower nectar which is graded by color. The price of honey depends upon how light the color of honey is. It varies from flower to flower. The lighter the color, the costlier the honey is.
Honey has great effects on hair, skin and health. Let’s have a look at these 15 amazing benefits of honey-

Honey benefits for Hair:

Honey for dandruff


Honey has great anti-fungal properties. It is really helpful for dandruff caused by fungus. For this, dilute 90% honey with 10% water. Apply this on your hair and leave on for 3 hours. After that wash it off and lock your cuticles with vinegar and water mixture.

Honey for moisturizing


The moisturizing property of honey helps in moisturizing the hair and promoting hair growth. 


Honey for lightening hair color


Honey has natural hair lightening properties because of the enzyme glucose oxidase in it. Glucose oxidase slowly releases hydrogen peroxide which leads to lightening of hair color.

Honey  for hair conditioning


Honey is a great conditioner. It doesn’t weighs down your tresses and keep it smooth and shiny naturally. It makes lifeless and dull hair beautiful.To make conditioner with honey, take one tbsp. of honey and add 2 tbsp. of coconut oil in it and use it as a deep conditioner for your hair.

Honey for damage protection

Honey helps in protecting your hair from damage caused by sun and pollution. Honey helps in bringing life to lifeless hair.

Honey benefits for skin:

Honey for acne


Honey has anti-bacterial properties which makes it very effective ingredient for acne. Honey can treat acne caused by bacterial infection and also soothes and heals the skin at the same time. 

Honey for dry skin


Honey is great for treating dry skin as honey has moisturizing abilities which go underneath your skin layer and works like magic for your dry skin.However, a patch test should be done as some people are allergic to honey when applied on skin.

Honey for cleansing face


Honey helps in cleansing face really well from pollution, dust etc. it cleanses skin from within and the best part is that it does that without removing natural oil from skin. So it keeps moisturized and clean at the same time.

Honey for chapped and dry lips


For chapped lips, honey is like a boon. It helps in softening the lips naturally. Dabbing honey on lips before going to bed on a regular basis will make your lips smooth and soft.

Honey for anti-ageing


Honey helps in minimizing signs of ageing. It helps in reducing wrinkles and scars with continuous usage. For anti ageing mask, take 1 tbsp. full of honey and apply a thin layer of honey on your face and leave it on for 15 minutes then wash it off with cold water. Use regularly for effective results.

Honey benefits for health:

Honey for Blood pressure


Honey can be very helpfulfor people suffering from heart disease and blood pressure. It containsspecific antioxidant that helps with blood pressure.


Honey for burns and cuts


Because of the anti-inflammatory property of honey, it is really helpful for burns and cuts.Honey helps in recovering fast from these with soothing effect.

Honey for cough


honey is an amazing ingredient for cough and sore throat. In some particular type of cough, it’seven better than medicines. Consuming pinch of black pepper mixed with half tablespoon of honey followed by glass of luke warm water can be really helpful for cough.

Honey for energy


Honey has methyl glyoxal  compound in it which is known for boosting energy level. It enhances your immune system which helps in keeping your body energized and super active.


Honey for weight loss


This golden substance is great for weight loss. Consumption of honey with luke warm water in place of sugar reduces your cravings for sugar and thus helps in weight loss.