15 Tips to protect hair and skin during monsoon
Monsoon can be really irritating if your skin and hair problems are on their peak. Here are tips to cover all your skin and hair issues during monsoon.

Monsoon, the word itself brings loads of excitement and happiness just by thinking of it. Monsoon brings with itself sense of calmness, and relaxation from scorching sun and its heat. But as we all know, everything has its pros. and cons. Monsoon on one hand gives us relief from the heat of summers on the other hand it brings skin and hair problems. Because of the increase in humidity during rainy season, it increases many issues which lead to major skin and hair problems. 

Here we are with 15 monsoon hair and skin care tips that will help you in tackling with all the problems you might be facing this season.

Tips to protect hair during monsoon

1.    Rainy season causes a lot of hair fall than other season. It is because of the humidity in the weather that doesn’t let the sweat dry completely and that causes hair fall. For this issue, always wash your hair with mild shampoo after coming back from outside and if your hair gets wet because of rain.

2.    During rainy season, dandruff issue is at its peak and to tackle with this, massage your hair with warm neem oil a night before washing your hair. It will help in not letting the dandruff build-up because of its anti-bacterial properties.

3.    Wash your hair on a regular basis to avoid the flatness of the scalp hair as oil secretion on your scalp increases during monsoon.

4.    Use anti bacterial and anti-fungal ayurvedic shampoo to avoid damage and hair fall.

5.    Use a wide tooth comb for your hair to avoid breakage and hair fall

6.      Monsoon makes curly hair really rough and frizzy. To avoid this, use silicone free conditioners as they are your hair’s best friend during monsoon.

7.   Do give you hair a hot oil massage as it will help in conditioning them well and all the goodness of oil will help your hair roots to be stronger.

8.  Try to stay away from hair styling products like hair gels and creams because the chemical in these products will make your hair greasy and sticky and they also increase hair fall.

 9.  Keep your comb or hair brush clean and use your own comb as the chances of fungal infections increases during monsoon.

Tips to protect skin during monsoon

   1.   Humid weather in monsoon causes melting of products on your face and leaves your skin greasy and oily. To stay from the greasiness avoid using much beauty products and do more of skin care routine to maintain the glow on your face. You can use aloe vera gel as a nighttime skin care routine or other remedies like applying Fuller’s earth (Multani mitti) on your face.

2.   Humidity can make your skin look really dull and pale. To avoid this drink 8-11 glasses of water every day in order to maintain the inner and natural glow of yours.

3.   Do not take steaming hot shower as they make your skin capillaries dull and weak and causes bad skin damage.

4.  Use as much home remedies for your skin as you can because these are homemade thus safe and good for you skin.

5.  Use rose water on your skin during monsoon as it has anti-inflammatory and moisturizing properties for skin. It helps in maintaining the pH level of skin and also has antibacterial properties.

6.  Do not ever skip cleaning your face before going to bed. It helps in removal of all the dirt and gunk from your face and lets it breathe properly.