5 easy and effective exercises for losing tummy/belly fat
It is well known that putting up weight is easy but losing the same is not so easy. Though the same can be done by following a proper diet and exercising.

Tummy fat is the most irritating thing for everyone. It is said that tummy fat takes time to shed as it comes little faster so it goes in the last. However, proper diet intake and exercising can do wonders for your belly fat and you can lose weight from there without worrying.

Here is list of 5 effective exercises which will help you in getting toned and slim tummy with time-

• Crunches

Crunches are the best exercise for losing weight from tummy. It is very effective since it puts pressure on tummy really well and helps in losing fat from there faster.


How to do it


1.     Lie down on your back on a mat.

2.     Place your feet on ground with knee bent or lift your leg on 90 degree angle.

3.     Put your hands behind your head and thumb near your ears.

4.     Move your elbows to the sides but not completely, it should be slightly rounded in.

5.     Pull your abdominals in a gentle manner to inwards.

6.     Curl up forward so that your head,neck, shoulder lifts off from the floor.

7.     Hold on to the top for a second or two then move back to same position slowly.

• Bicycle crunches

Bicycle crunches are great because it does work on Rectus abdominis and obliques in single exercise. Bicycle crunches should be performed this way-


How to do it


1.     Lie flat on the floor with lower back pressed on the ground.

2.     Raise your legs and make sure they are perpendicular to the ground and calves parallel to the ground.

3.     Put your hands behind your ear

 4.     Lift your head up and and use abdominal muscles to move body forward.

5.      Twist your torso in a way that your left underarm rotates towards right knee and vice-versa.

• Lunge twist

Lunge twist helps in reducing tummy fat fast. Because of twisting with little weight on, this exercise works on the sides of the tummy and gives atoned curvy shape with regular practicing of this exercise.


How to do it


1.     With knees slightly bent, stand with your legs hip width apart.

2.     Lift dumbbells, if you are a beginner don’t use much weight and keep it light in beginning.

3.     Keep your hands aligning to shoulders and parallel to the ground.

4.     Stand straight and don’t bend your spine.

5.     Take a big step with your any leg and sit down at 90 degree angle.

6.     Repeat this step with another leg and do this for 15-20 times.

• Jumping planks

Jumping planks are amazing for core and abs.It helps in building strength and works on abdominal muscles effectively.

How to do it

1.     Take a mat lay down in normal plank position.

2.     Hold your feet together and jump on the sides.

3.     keep alternating legs from left to right then left again.

4.     Do this as many as you can for a minute.


These are the exercises that will help you lose your love handles with time. However, diet is very important in order to get the visible results as the diet does 80% of work and exercises do 20%. 

• Toe touch crunches

This exercise works great for upper and lower ab.

How to do it

1.     Lie down on floor on a mat.

2.     Hold your lower back firmly against mat.

3.     Hold your feet in air

4.     Reach up and try to touch your toes with hands.

5.     If you can’t touch your toes properly then try to go as high as you can.

6.     Your lower back should stay on mat only.