5 Home made masks for fair skin naturally
All of us want fair and clean skin that glows from within. Dirt, pollution and other factors make our skin appear darker than it actually is.

Skin lightening has become a trend around the globe and women don't bother spending loads of money on chemical based treatments and surgeries. There are tons of products available in the market that claim to lighten skin tone and give you fair skin. We should not rely upon these products as they have harmful chemicals in them and can cause harm to our skin cells in the long run. Natural remedies do wonders on skin if religiously followed and are harmless to your skin. 

How natural ingredients help in lightening the skin

Nature has wonderful things in its lap for everyone. Using just the natural ingredients on your face helps your skin in following ways:

  • Restores the natural texture of skin- The natural ingredients are gentle on skin thus they helps in maintaining the natural texture of skin if used in right quantity. Proper usage of ingredients won't let your skin either dry out too much or get oily. 

  • Doesn't cause harmful reactions- Unlike chemical based products, natural ingredients won't cause any allergies or reactions on your skin like burns or rashes. However, there are people who are allergic to even natural ingredients and get minor reactions so a patch test should be done before performing a remedy. 

  • Long term and effective- If performed on regular basis and properly, the results of the natural remedies are long lasting and effective. 

  • Inexpensive- Natural remedies consists of ingredients that are available at home easily. In case they are not available then you can easily find them at very inexpensive rates. 

Home made masks for fairer skin

Below is the list of 5 effective homemade masks that will help you in getting lighter skin and will bring out the glow on your skin that is hidden under the layers of pigmentation, dark spots and tanning.

Gram flour. curd and honey mask for fair skin

Take 2 tbsp. of gram flour in a bowl and add 3 tbsp. of curd into it. Add 1/2 tbsp. of honey and mix the ingredients well. Apply this mask all over your face and leave till it dries. Wash off with cold water and pat your skin dry. Gram flour is a known ingredient for cleansing the skin deeply and makes it glow. Curd is known for its skin lightening properties and honey is effective for moisturizing your skin. 

Milk powder and honey mask for fair skin

Take 1 tbsp. of milk powder in a bowl and add half tbsp. lemon juice into it. Mix the ingredients well and apply a thin layer on your face evenly.  let it dry for 15 minutes then wash off. Milk powder has bleaching properties that help in peeling off the dead skin cells and helps in nourishing the skin.  Lemon is equally effective for lightening the skin. 

Banana, curd and tomato mask for fair skin

Take half ripe banana and mash it well. Once it's free of lumps add 1 tbsp. of curd into it. Now take half tomato and add juice of it to the pack. Mix these well and apply a thick layer of this pack all over your face evenly. Wash off after 20 minutes in circular motion. The powerful ingredients of this pack help in lightening the skin tone and reduces tanning. 

Orange peel powder and gulab jal mask for fair skin

Take dried out orange peel and grind it well to make it powder. Take 1 tbsp. of powder and add half tbsp. gulabjal/Rosewater into it apply evenly on skin. This mask will help in reducing tanning from your face to a great extent and will lighten your skin tone as orange has De-tanning properties and rose water hydrates the skin and makes it glow. 

Rice flour, turmeric and curd mask for fair skin

Take 2 tbsp. of rice powder and add 1 tbsp. of curd and a pinch of turmeric into it and apply evenly on your face with help of a brush leave it on for 15 minutes then wash off with cold water. Rice is an age old ingredient used widely by asians for skin lightening treatment. Turmeric also is an effective ingredient for lightening the skin tone.