5 natural ways to grow long and healthy eyelashes
Longer and thicker lashes are dream of every woman. Sadly, not everyone is blessed with those beautiful lashes naturally.

Long lashes are always attractive. Be it a natural look or a drag queen makeup, lashes always help in enhancing the look of your eyes. There might be times when you get jealous of your friend who has long beautiful lashes and on the other side you can't do anything about it other than blaming the genes. However, growing your lashes with home remedies is possible if followed and done regularly. Here we are with 10 natural tips to grow your lashes longer and thicker to rock even the normal eye makeup look! 

Reasons for weak and small lashes

Lashes are not always weak and small because of genes, they can also be in poor condition because of improper care and the way you treat them. Some of the factors include:

Makeup- It is good to do makeup on eyes and adore yourself but sleeping with your mascara on isn't a good news. Mascara adds a coat of pigment in which your lashes get covered. Sleeping with your mascara on can make them weak and they will start falling out. 

Rubbing eyes- Lashes are very gentle and rubbing your eyes can cause them to fall out. 

Poor diet- Lack of vitamins that promote eyelash growth also can be one of the reasons why you have small and weak lashes.

Age factor- Like everything else, lashes get affected by age too. Aging can cause them to fall out and get weak with time. 

How to take care of your lashes

Lashes when taken care of, can remain healthy and long. If you follow below points you can prevent them from falling out. 

Remove makeup- Removing makeup before going to sleep is very important. This helps in removing layers of mascara and allows your lashes to breathe properly. 

Vitamin intake- Our daily foods might not be sufficient to promote lash growth. Vitamin intake can help a lot in your lash growth. Vitamin E capsule intake on regular basis will promote growth in your lashes. 

Oil Massage- Not just your scalp, even your lashes need boost of oil massage in order grow longer and stronger. Oils like coconut oil, castor oil etc help in lash growth. 

Right makeup product- Eyes are a sensitive part of human body. Usage of cheap eye makeup products can cause lashes to fall out and also causes harm to eyes. Don't use any mascara for     more than 3-6 months in order to protect you eyelashes and eyes. 

Natural tips to grow your lashes long and strong

1. Castor oil for long and strong eyelashes

Castor oil is widely known as a growth stimulant. To use this, take few drops of castor oil and appply the oil with the help of Q-tip. then gently massage your eyes with finger tips while its closed for 3-5 minutes then sleep like that only. Wash off the next morning. 

2. Almond oil and coconut oil for long and strong eyelashes 

Almond and coconut oil both are highly rich in  minerals and protein which can help a lot in lash growth promotion. Take half tbsp. of almond oil and half tbsp. of coconut oil and mix both of these oils together. Apply the mixture on your eyelashes with the help of old mascara wand evenly before going to sleep. 

3. Petroleum jelly for long and strong eyelashes

Petroleum jelly has great moisturizing properties in it which makes the lashes conditioned and moisturized thus promotes the growth of lashes. Take little petroleum jelly on your fingertips and apply on the roots of your eyelashes with the help of Q-tip and leave it overnight. 

4. Lemon juice, Aloe vera gel and olive oil for long and strong eyelashes

Lemon juice is high in vitamin C and A which helps in growth of eyelashes. Aloe vera gel is high in antioxidants that promotes hair growth. Olive oil is helpful in making the hair stronger. Take few drops of lemon in half tbsp. of lemon and add equal amount of Aloe vera gel into it. Mix these ingredients together and apply on the roots of your eyelashes with the help of clean mascara wand and leave it overnight. 

5. Coconut milk for long and strong eyelashes. 

Coconut milk is high in protein thus it deeply penetrates in each lash follicle and nourishes it which results in growth of eyelashes. Take some coconut milk and dip 2 cotton pads  into it. Once the cotton absorbs the milk place it over your eyes while closed for 5-10 minutes. After that, remove the pads and massage your eyes with your fingertips for 3-5 minutes then leave it overnight. Wash your eyes the next morning.