5 Natural Ways to prevent, stop and get rid of split ends
Split-ends is the most common issue faced among women. It makes the hair strand split from end because of dryness and improper care.

What are Split Ends?

Split Ends also known as dead ends are caused when the out most layer of hair also known as cuticle becomes damaged because of lack of moisture and hair becomes prone to splits. Lack of moisture is the biggest reason why split end happens. 

Types of Split Ends

Split ends are of types as they go through different stages of damage. In initial stage when the split is basic it can be treated with the help of deep conditioning and the treatments that can provide nourishment to them. If you keep avoiding the Dead ends for long they will keep getting worse and move on to stages like candle type, tree, Incomplete or knot type and there would be no solution other than getting a trim done. 

What causes Split Ends

1.     Lack of moisture

Dryness is the topmost reason for split ends. When the hair does not get proper nourishment from within it becomes dry and is prone to damage.

2.     Rubbing hair with Towel

Your hair is you’re your crowning glory, you should not take it for granted and rub it to make it dry. Rubbing causes wet cuticle to get damaged as cuticle gets slightly lifted up when it’s wet and when it dries it comes back to its position.

3.     Usage of Heat on hair

Using straightening and curling machine can undoubtedly give you stylish appearance but in the long run it only causes damage to your hair. The external heat damages and burns the moisture of hair and it becomes rough resulting into split ends.

4.     Improper Diet

When it comes to any body part, only external factors are not responsible for any problem. Lack of proper diet that gives you all the nutrition is also the one of the reasons for split ends.

5.     Environmental damage

Environmental damage is also very responsible for damage in your hair.Direct harmful rays of sunlight can cause dryness in your hair which leads to split ends. 

How to avoid split ends

Split ends can be avoided only with regular and proper care. Following things below to maintain your hair and prevent damage can help a lot.

1.     Use hot oil treatment

Hot oil treatment provides nourishment to hair from within and keeps hairwell moisturized.

2.     Use microfiber towel

Microfiber towel is gentle to hair and does not cause damage.

3.     Let hair air dry

The best way you can let your hair dry is not by using hair dryer. Letting them air dry won’t cause any damage and hair stays safe.

4.     Use wide tooth comb

Using wide tooth comb on your hair helps in detangling hair easily and does not cause any damage to them.

5.     Always use heat protecting spray/serum

Though usage of heat should be avoided but if you have a special event coming and you really need to get your tresses styled, always use heat protectant spray/serum before styling them. It will save your hair from getting damaged to a great extent.

6.     Deep conditioning

Deep conditioning your hair would help a lot in providing the moisture that your hair is lacking and in the long term it will be least prone to damage.

7.     Get trims done

If your hair has reached to the point where split ends are just getting worse then doing all moisturizing method on hair won’t help. Get them trimmed and make a fresh start by taking proper care of it.

8.     Drink water

Keeping yourself hydrated is very important for making your hair lustrous and healthy. Drink 4-6 liters of water every day to get effective results.

9.     Proper Diet intake

Proper diet helps in keeping your hair healthy and moisturized and it does not get damaged easily. Eggs, Milk, Avocados, Fish, Spinach and Nuts are great for healthy hair.

10.   Use good hair ties

Hair ties that have rough edges cause damage to hair initially and split ends further as hair gets pulled. Using good quality hair tie is very important. 

Natural remedies for split ends

1.     Coconut oil and Honey hair mask

Coconut oil is known for its great moisturizing properties and honey is known for the same. Application of this mask helps in providing nourishment of hair deeply. Take 4 tbsp. of coconut oil and add 1 tbsp. of honey into it. Mix both well and apply evenly on your hair. Leave it on for 20-30 minutes then wash off.

2.     Egg yolk and almond oil hair mask

Egg has protein into it that provides deep nourishment to hair. Almond oil is rich in vitamin E and is known for its benefits for hair. Take 1 egg yolk in a bowl and mix 2 tablespoon of almond oil into it. Apply this mask on your scalp evenly and on split ends. Leave it on for 20 minutes then wash off with cold water.

3.     Aloe vera gel hair mask

Aloe Vera has great moisturizing properties and is really good for skin and hair. Aloe Vera deeply moisturizes and hydrates the hair. To use this mask on your hair take out fresh aloe Vera leaf and take out the flesh or gel part carefully.Mash it well and apply it all over your scalp, length and tip of your hair.

4.     Banana yogurt hair mask

Banana is a great ingredient for your tresses if you are trying to save them from getting chopped at an early stage. Applying banana and yogurt hair mask will not only hydrate your hair really well, but also will help in ending the split end issues. Take one ripe banana and mash it well to form a paste.Add 5-6 tbsp. Of yogurt and mix it well with the banana pulp. Apply this mask evenly on your hair and leave on for half an hour then wash off with cold water.

 5.     Castor oil and egg hair mask

Castor oil has omega 6 fatty acid which is really good for healthy hair growth and egg yolk has proteins that help in providing moisture to hair. This mask made out of castor oil will help in deeply nourishing the hair and prevents dryness thus keeps the split-end issues at bay. Prepare this mask by adding 2 tbsp. of castor oil and 1 egg yolk. Mix these well and apply evenly on scalp and on the tips.