Aloe Vera Uses and Benefits for Health, Skin, Hair
Aloe vera is a wonder plant which has numerous benefits for health and beauty. Aloe vera is used for many health and beauty purposes all over the world.

How use of aloe vera does benefits for your health and beauty

Aloe vera, also known as "ghritkumari"  in India is a wonder plant with numerous health and beauty benefits. It has several therapeutic properties which are used for different conditions.Though Aloe vera is an ancient plant, but people came to know widely about in recent years. The leaves of it are thick and fleshy and that’s what does wonders.

How to use Aloe vera for benefits of health, skin and hair

Aloe vera is a plant which is stem less or small stemmed. It has all the goodness in its leaves in the form of gel. To use it you just need to cut the upper portions and remove the spines of the Aloe vera with knife safely and you will be left just with the gel. This gel can be used in multiple ways for multiple purposes.

10 Different uses of Aloe vera for health, skin and hair

Aloe vera has different properties for beauty and health and it is widely used for the same. it is not just used as application, but is also available in juice form which in consumed by drinking and is really beneficial for all over body. Aloe vera is beneficial for following health, skin and hair conditions:-

1. Heartburn

2. Digestive problems

3. Low blood sugar

4. Acne

5. Sunburn

6. Wound healing

7. Dry and damaged hair

8. Dry skin

9. Wrinkles

10. Stretch marks

Aloe vera uses and benefits for face

Aloe vera is like a magic potion for the face which makes it beautiful and flawless with proper usage of it.  Below are few tips to beautify your skin with aloe vera.

1. Scrape out 1 tbsp. of aloe vera gel out of the leaves carefully. Add 1 pinch of Turmeric/Haldi and 1 tbsp. of Honey in it and mix them well. Apply this onto your face and leave on for 15 minutes then wash off. It will give you instant glow and will smoothen out your skin with regular usage.

2. If you have oily skin and want oil-free skin, take a spoonful of scraped off aloe gel and add 1 tbsp. of curd and half tbsp. of lemon juice and mix them well. Apply this on you face and leave on for 15 minutes then wash off with cold water.

3. Aloe vera is used to heal pimple as it has anti bacterial properties. Just apply the gel on your pimples and leave the aloe vera gel overnight.

4. You can leave aloe vera gel on your face overnight for the extra nourishment. It will help your skin to repair overnight.

5. Aloevera has medicinal properties and it is used for healing the skin as well. It can be directly applied onto the cuts which men get while shaving.

6. Aloe vera is an amazing moisturizer so it can be used by oily skin beauties as it won’t clog the pores and will reduce pimples.

7. It has great anti inflammatory properties in it so it can be used as a lotion for sunburns. Apply the gel directly on the skin and you are good to go.

Aloe vera uses and benefits for body

Aloe vera has proved its benefits for body with time. It is used to keep the functioning of body properly from inside as if you want to be better from outside, your internal organs needs to be healthy. Here’s how Aloe vera works for body.

1.     Aloe vera keeps the digestive system in order and helps in getting rid of constipation.

2.     Aloe vera is very beneficial for diabetic patients. Since wound healing process is very slow in diabetic patients, aloe vera helps in doing the same. It also has high level of Glycol nutrients in it so it helps by not elevating blood sugar level.

3.     Aloe vera has high inflammatory properties in it so it helps in reducing swelling for people suffering from arthritis.

Aloe vera uses and benefits for hair growth

Aloe vera is like a boon for your tresses. Because it is natural, you can apply aloe vera directly on hair. Here are few tips on how you can use aloe vera gel for hair.

1.     You can get soft silky hair if you leave aloe vera gel on your hair overnight. Just take 4 tbsp. of aloe vera gel in a bowl and add 2 tbsp. of any hair oil of your preference. Mix them well and apply on your hair and leave it overnight after wearing a shower cap.

2.     You can apply aloe vera gel directly on hair as it reduces dandruff, hair loss and fungal infections.

 3.     Aloe vera makes your hair grow as it contains proteolytic enzymes which repairs dead skin on scalp thus helps in getting long hair. Mix 2 tbsp. Aloe vera gel in 1 tbsp. olive oil and leave for half an hour. Follow this process regularly to get long hair fast.