Amazing benefits & uses of papaya for Health, Beauty & Risks
Amazing benefits and uses of papaya for hair, stomach, skin. It has amazing effects on health and beauty. Papaya has a lot of benefits which are used for different purposes.

Papaya is an orange or yellow colored juicy fruit that grows in Tropical climate which has amazing effects on health and beauty. Papaya has a lot of benefits which are used for different purposes.

Papaya is one of those fruits which have numerous health and beauty benefits. Papaya has antioxidants and Nutrients in it that helps in protecting against lots of health conditions.

Benefits & Uses of papaya

1. For Face

2. For Hair

3. For Health

4. For Stomach 

Benefits of papaya for face

Benefits of papaya for face

1. Papaya has a lot of beauty benefits for face/skin. It has properties in it that brightens the skin complexion and helps in lightening the skin tone. Papaya has butter like consistency and it works like a natural moisturizer. Papaya helps in dryness of skin and regular usage of it makes skin soft and smooth.

2. Papaya has anti ageing properties which means that papaya can helps in reducing wrinkles and age spots with regular usage of it. For this just take few pieces of papaya and crush till it becomes pulpy. After that, add a tbsp. full of honey and mix both. Apply this pack over your face on regular basis for effective results.

3. Papaya has nutrients in it that helps in treating various skin conditions. It gives moisture to skin which lacks due to different reasons.

4. Papaya helps in reducing spots. It has skin brightening properties so it helps in giving you bright and fresh look naturally with reduced spots.

Benefits & Uses of Papaya for hair

Benefits & Uses of Papaya for hair

1. Papaya has nutrients that help in promoting hair growth. Papaya also helps in reducing baldness and thinning of hair.

2. Papaya is full of vitamins and enzymes thus it works like magic for hair. To make adeep protein pack for hair, take 2 tbsp. full of papaya pulp and mix it up withone egg white and add 1 tbsp. full of coconut oil and mix them well. Apply this papaya pack on your hair and leave it on for half an hour. Regular use of this will give you strong and soft hair naturally.

3. Papaya seeds contain an enzyme called papain which helps in getting long hairs

4. Papaya helps in treating dry and flaky scalp and removes dandruff as well because of the presence of vitamins C and E in it.

Papaya for stomach and health

Papaya for stomach and health

1. Papaya is a great ingredient for stomach. It helps in treating constipation effectively. Eating adequate amount of papaya helps in keeping your stomach clean.

2. Papaya is used in treating PCOS as it contains carotene which is a great ingredient for regulating your periods on time.

3. Papaya is an effective fruit for people suffering from diabetes. If you eat papaya on a regular basis and in adequate amount, you can reduce the chances of getting  diabetes. It is a low sugar alternative so it is a diabetic friendly fruit.

4. Being low on calories, papaya is a great fruit for weight loss. It contains high amount of fiber, vitamin A and C thus, you can eat papaya while you are dieting.

Risks / Negative effects of Papaya Excess Use

1. Raw papaya can cause miscarriage if taken in large amount. It can also cause abnormalities in the infant if taken during pregnancy. Raw papaya contracts the uterus and thus many times it is used as an alternative for unwanted pregnancies.

2. Not everyone has a skin type that can handle every beauty regime. Usage of papaya can also trigger the risk of rashes on the skin

3. Because of the presence of allergen papain in papaya, it can cause breathing issues in some people.

4. Papaya can cause serious cardiovascular disease as it slows down the rate of heartbeat.