Amla Uses Benefits & Side Effects for Health, Skin, Hair
Amla is an amazing ingredient for numerous benefits & uses for health, skin & hair. It is rich in vitamin C and contains vitamin B complex, calcium, iron, phosphorus and carotene.

Amla, also known as Indian gooseberry is considered a sacred tree in India and considered Amrit (Nectar) in India.  Amla is widely used in ayurvedic medicines either in dried or in fresh form. Amla has numerous health, beauty and hair benefits. Amla is rich in vitamin C and contains vitamin B complex, calcium, iron, phosphorus and carotene in it.  

Amla is an amazing ingredient for numerous benefits. Let’s take a look at different benefits that amla provides:

Amla Benefits for Health

1. Treats menstrual cramps

2. Improves immunity

3. Improves metabolism

4. Helps in weight loss

5. Helps in digestion

Detailed Uses & Benefits of Amla for Health

Treats menstrual cramps : Amla is really good for those days of months. Regular consumption of amla can be really beneficial for cramps during periods.

Improves immunity : Due to its antibacterial properties amla is very good for protecting you against bacterial infections. It has high amount of vitamin C in it so it has anti oxidant properties. Amla also increases white blood cells which acts as defense for immunity system and protects you against diseases.

Improves metabolism : Amla helpsyou to stay healthy by increasing your metabolism. Regular usage of it helps inbuilding strong metabolism as it eliminates toxic substances out of your body.

Helps in weight loss : Since amla is rich vitamins C and other nutrients, it gives you all the energy you need when you consume it and you will not feel tired after exercising. Amla hydrates you really well and it keeps you full so it controls your cravings, thus resulting into weight loss.

Helps in digestion : Amla helps in controlling heat in our bowel, so it does helps in digestion very effectively with regular dosage and usage.

Amla Benefits for Skin

1. Reduces signs of aging

2. Lightens complexion

3. Gives radiant skin

4. Exfoliates skin

Detailed Uses & Benefits of Amla for Skin

Reduces signs of aging : Amla has richness of vitamin C in it which helps in reducing signs of premature aging and its signs like wrinkles, dark spots, fine lines etc.

Lightens complexion : Amla helps in giving blemish free skin and lightens the complexion. Apply amla juice mixed with rose water for that glow from within look. Thanks to the vitamin C in it again!

Gives radiant skin : For smoothand radiant skin take a teaspoon full of amla powder, add 1 tbsp. of curd andhalf tbsp. of honey in it and apply this all over your face. Wash it off after 15 minutes with cold water.

Exfoliates skin : Amla is a very mild exfoliator for those who have which does not harm skin and keeps it exfoliated and smooth. Amla helps in removing dead skin from your face and keeps it smooth and soft gently and naturally.

Amla Benefits for Hair

1. Treats dandruff 

2. Improves hair growth

3. Controls greying of hair

4. Conditions your hair

Detailed Uses & Benefits of Amla for Hairs

1. Treats dandruff : Amla is great for treating issues of dandruff on your scalp. Amla oil removes dry flakes from your scalp and keeps it moisturized and healthy. It also dissolves and grease from follicles and develops overall health of scalp.

2. Improves hair growth : It’s known since long that amla is a great natural ingredient for hair growth. It stimulates hair growth as it has nutrients that are great for making your strong and long. It provides nourishment to the roots of the hair thus resulting into hair growth.

3. Controls greying of hair : Abundance of vitamin C in amla helps in prevention of grey hair. Those who start using amla on hair at an early age have less chances of getting grey hair.

4. Conditions your hair : Amla is one of the oldest ingredients for conditioning your hair. The properties of amla lets it remove the extra buildup in hair and make it soft smooth and shiny.

Amla Excess Usage Side-Effects

Excess usage of Amla can cause various problems like constipation, dehydration, blood pressure,acidity and allergic reactions so the dosage should must be kept in mind.