Beauty, health benefits and uses of Turmeric/haldi
Turmeric is a popular spice of India. Apart from cooking purposes, Turmeric is widely used for its health and beauty benefits.

Turmeric also known as haldi  in India comes from turmeric plant. It is an ancient spice which has been into use from the ancient times.This golden spice is most commonly used in south Asia.  Apart from being a part of curries, Turmeric has numerous health and beauty benefits. 

Turmeric for different bnefits and uses for skin, hair and health

Turmeric is an amazing spice which helps in various skin and health conditions. There are different conditions in which turmeric works effectively and the best part is that it is completely natural.

Turmeric benefits and uses for skin

1.     Turmeric is a very good ingredient for skin. It has anti fungal and anti inflammatory properties, thus turmeric helps to remove pimple and dark spots.

2.     Turmeric helps to whiten skin as it contains curcumin which is meant to reduce melanin production. Take 1 tbsp. of turmeric and mix it with 2 tbsp. of natural bleaching agent lemon. Apply this onto your face and leave on for 15 minutes then wash off. Follow this regularly for effective results.

3.     Turmeric is used to remove hair from body and face. Mix 3 tbsp. of turmeric with 1 tbsp. of milk and apply it onto your body parts which have hair and leave on till it completely dries. Once it dries up, remove the residue with circular motion of hand. Do this regularly for effective results.

Turmeric uses and benefits for hair

1.     Turmeric has anti fungal properties,thus it helps in getting rid of various fungal issues that happen in hair.

2.     Turmeric has potent antioxidants which help treating hair loss issues which happens due to severe scaly or itchy scalp.

3.     Turmeric can be used a natural dye on your hair. Henna mixed with turmeric, when applied to hair gives red tint and it is completely natural.

4.     Egg white is considered great ingredient for hair. Mix 2 egg whites with 1 tbsp. of honey and apply on your hair. The combination of turmeric and egg white will give you lustrous hair with strength.

Turmeric benefits and uses for health

1.     Turmeric or curcumin is believed to have anticancer effects on people. It works best for stomach cancer, skin cancer, bowel cancer and breast cancer cells.

2.     Since turmeric has anti-bacterial properties, it is great for people suffering from cold and cough. Curcumin helps in treating these infections with proper dosage and usage.

3.     Turmeric is great for people suffering from flu. Because of this turmeric is great for your inner health. A pinch of turmeric mixed with Luke warm milk when taken, it helps in relieving from flu fast, naturally.

4.     Turmeric also helps in treating Bronchitis effectively. A pinch of turmeric or curcumin mixed with a tbsp. full of honey when consumed with Luke warm water helps in curing bronchitis.

5.     The anti-inflammatory properties of turmeric and the presence of curcumin in it help in cardiovascular or heart problems. It also reduces cholesterol from your body and stress as well.

Side effects of Turmeric

1.       Turmeric can increase the chances of increased blood flow as it is not good for people who are suffering from bleeding disorders.

2.       Excess use of turmeric by men, can lead to infertility as turmeric decreases the movement of sperm.

3.       Curcumin increases gastrointestinal tract, thus turmeric might cause Diarrhea and Nausea in people.

4.       As turmeric contains oxalates, It can increase the chances of kidney stones.