Effective tips for treating Acne or Pimples
Pimples are worst nightmare for everyone. These can be treated on initial level by following tips down below.

Pimples or acne are the most uninvited guests. One pimple is enough to ruin your mood and brings down your confidence from 100 to 1. Though severe acne is something that should be treated under a good dermatologist, normal acne issues can be treated at home by following some natural remedies.   

What are pimples? -

Pimples are caused when sebaceous gland or oil glands get swollen up and get filled with pus after being clogged and infected by a certain type of bacteria. 

Types of pimples-

Pimples have various type and they can appear in any of these forms on anyone’s face-

· Blackheads - Blackheads are a result of oxidation of melanin (skin pigment) which makes them appear black or brown and they are clearly visible on anyone’s face.

 · Whiteheads - These are skin colored small form of pimples. Many times they are underneath the layer of skin which makes them really tough to extract out.

 · Papules - These are inflamed lesions that appear red and are very painful.

 · Pustules- These are inflamed lesions which are filled with pus. They may appear white or yellow and should not be popped out as they leave scar.

 · Cysts- They are severe form of acne and are inflammation filled with pus and should treated by dermatologists.

 · Nodules-  Nodules are a type of pimple as well and are hard to touch. 

Causes of pimples –

Pimples are caused because of following reasons-


Puberty is also one of the reasons that cause severe acne. Because of the release of different hormones in your body, acne problems increase a lot.

Excess oil production skin

Excess oil production on oily skin beauties also is one of the reasons for pimples/acne. Since acne is the result of oil production and clogged pores, excessive of the same leads to pimple and acne problems.


The changes in body during PMS are emotionally and physically. Physically it can be form of cramps and severe pain or also can pop up on face in form of pimples.


If your parents have been a victim of Acne then are very high chances for you to get that passed on.

However, like everything else in this world this problem can be cured too by following few tips and tricks.

Tips to treat pimples/Acne at home

· Keep your face clean. Acne or pimples can be because of various reasons but every acne/pimple have bacterial infection in them. So using a mild face wash for your acne with light hands is very important.

·  Always use a clean and personal towel to absorb water from your face. Pat it dry and don’t be rough on your face with that.

 · Many people say that moisturizers are not for oily skin which is completely wrong. People usually thing that oily skin people should not use moisturizer. Moisturizer is very useful for every skin the only difference is that the oily skin beauties should go for oil free moisturizer or something that is water based.

· Honey is a great antibiotic from nature for acne problems. To use this take a teaspoonful of honey and add half tbsp. oatmeal into it following with half tbsp. curd and apply on the face. Leave this mask on your face for 15 minutes and then wash it off.

 · If you have oily face then you should avoid leaving oil on your hair for more than a day. The skin condition also depends upon how clean your scalp is. Even if you have dandruff issues, then too it can cause many problems.

Even after all this, pimples which are on initial level can be treated using these steps.If you have severe acne do not try this without dermatologist suggestion.