How to control hair fall: Hair fall reasons, reducing tips
Hair is a very important part of human body. Be it men or women, the biggest fear for anyone is losing hair untimely.

Around the globe, hair fall is a very common problem among people. Hair fall brings down the confidence of any person as hair is a very essential part of human body. It is linked with beauty of any person. When hair fall problem starts the crowning glory no longer stays there. People are suffering from hair fall issues because of so many reasons they might not behaving idea about. It can be related to health, lifestyle, genes, environmental conditions or even your emotional state. 

Reasons for hair fall

Hair fall is caused by so many reasons. The key to reduce hair fall is knowing exactly what is causing your hair fall. Below are the reasons why you are suffering from hair fall-

1.       Pollution

2.       Stress

3.       Weather conditions

4.       Genes

5.       Disease

Main reasons for hair-fall and tips to avoid them


Health is a very important factor for hair fall. The hair gets all the nourishment from within and outside. From within we take care of our hair by taking good diet which is full of protein and the outer care isdone by giving your scalp a good oil massage and application of various hair packs. When you face any problem from within on your health, it naturally affects your hair. Here are few health conditions that causes hair fall-

·        Anemia

Anemia is a very common problem in women. Hair fall in anemia occurs because of lack of iron. It is not a very big issue to treat anemia. It is diagnosed by a blood test and iron supplements are given to the person who is suffering from anemia.

·        Hypothyroidism

Hypothyroidism is a condition in which underactive thyroid gland that is located in your neck produces hormones that reduce metabolism, development and growth. Thus it is also one of the reasons for hair fall. It is treatable with proper medications.

·        PCOS (Polycystic ovary syndrome)

PCOS is a condition in which women face problems like either irregular or prolonged periods or elevates male hormones that causes excess facial hair on face and body and male pattern baldness.

·        Pregnancy

During pregnancy there are so many hormonal changes women go through. Giving birth toa being is traumatic for every woman. It makes so many changes in women body so hair fall post giving birth is also one of the reasons.

TIP-  Once any health problem starts giving attention to it on the initial level as it can help a lot in hair fall. Once you know what is the health issue that you are suffering with proper care and medication the problem can be resolved with time.


Your hair loss problem can also be a reflection of your lifestyle. In a fast world we don’t pay attention to what willingly or unwillingly we are doing to our hair. Improper diet, lack of sleep, stress, lack of water intake, no physical activity etc are the part of your unhealthy lifestyle. We don’t pay attention to the little mistakes that we are doing in our daily habits.

TIP-  Meditation, yoga, healthy diet, trims on time,water intake, proper shampoo for your hair type and oiling can  make huge changes in your hair.


Genes are very responsible for your hair fall or baldness.If you have a history of hair fall in your family then you are likely to suffer from the same. At certain age hormonal changes and aging process causes hair-fall problem. If proper care is done to hair before all this occur then this problem is likely to be eliminated.

TIP- Usage of natural hair re-growth products and intake of vitamins can help a lot in this condition.

Environmental and weather conditions

Environmental and weather conditions are also one of the reasons for hair fall. The water that we use is desalinated that is the salt from it is removed so it is safe to drink. But it is not good for our hair and skin. It makes our hair frizzy, dry and rough. The pollution triggers hair fall as it makes hair really dirty and rough. During monsoon hair fall increases quite a lot because of the humidity in the present in the air. It does not let the scalp breather properly and sweat settles down thus causes hair fall. To avoid hair fall from weather condition one must take extra care of their tresses in order to protect them from hair fall.

TIP- Use of mild shampoo, covering the hair when you are out, oiling regularly and use of conditioners can help quite a lot to save your hair from hair fall because of this problem.