How to grow weak nails fast with proper Vitamins and Diet
Nails are a part of women’s beauty. It is not easy for every woman to grow their nails long and strong. Though, It can be done by following few home remedies listed down below regularly.

Every woman loves to paint their nails in different colors and rock them. Long nails undoubtedly look feminine and increase the beauty of hands. Unfortunately, not everyone is blessed with strong and long nails. There are so many conditions that cause weak, brittle nails that don’t let nails grow longer. 

Reasons behind soft and weak nails:-

Weak nails are not always genetic. Mostly it’s weak because of improper care, lack of vitamins and food that are helpful in strong nail growth.  Below are the reasons why your nails are soft and weak :

1.       Low calcium in body

2.       Usage of cheap nail colors

3.       Not taking proper care of nails

4.       Usage of acetone

5.       Using nails as tools

6.       Iron deficiency

How to take care of weak nails at home:-

Proper care is very important in order to achieve those beautiful nails. There are few things that needs to be kept in mind and they are:


1.       Limit nail exposure to water: Water exposure to nails again and again makes them brittle and weak. Wearing rubber glove while doing work that includes water exposure would help a lot as they will help in keeping your hands dry.



2.       File your nails regularly: Filing your nails on regular basis would help a lot in keeping your nails in shape and would remove rough edges around nails that can cause damage to them.



3.       Use good quality nail color: Using cheap quality nails colors make them chip off and it also degrades the quality of your natural nails.



4.       Don’t use acetone: Using acetone on your nails strips away the natural shine and oil of your nails and is very harsh for them. It dries out your nails and skin around the nails so it’s not good for your nails at all. Try using removers which are oil based that will help in nourishing your cuticles and maintaining the natural shine.



5.       Apply base coat to your nails: Base coat application on nails is very important as it helps in creating a protective layer which allows them to be strong and less prone to damage. Base coat application also helps in nails from not getting yellow.


6.       Apply cuticle oil: Cuticle oil is very helpful in promoting nail growth. Massaging cuticle oil on cuticles stimulates new nail growth and makes them strong. 

Vitamins and food for strong nail growth

1.       Vitamin H (Biotin)


Biotin is a great supplement for your nails.It helps in growth of your nails and makes them strong.  It is not just helpful for your nails, it also promotes hair growth and glowing skin.


2.       Vitamin C


Vitamin C is great for strengthening nails.It aids in collagen formation and also promotes nail growth.


3.       Vitamin D


Vitamin D or commonly known as Calcium is very important for bones and nails development. Lack of vitamin D makes bones and nails weak. Milk, cheese, egg yolk are sources of vitamin D which helps in growth of nails.


4.       Folic acid


Leafy green vegetables like spinach, breads,cereals, beans etc. are high in folic acid. It helps in strengthening the nail tissues and make them stronger and longer.


5.       Broccoli


Broccoli has high amino acid and iron which is very helpful providing healthy and strong nails.


6.       Almonds


Almonds are known for their benefits for hair and skin. Being a rich source of magnesium, Almonds are equally great for your nails.


7.       Salmon


Salmon is a very good source of Biotin and consuming salmon will help you a lot in growing strong and long nails.