Men skin and body care routine - Tips for men skin & Body
When it comes to skincare and body care, men are always ignorant towards them. Having a mindset that taking care of these are meant for women, men totally neglect their skin and body.

 No matter what gender is skincare and body care is always very necessary for everyone. In fact, men skin need more care as they hardly take care of their skin and expose themselves in harsh sunlight, pollution, dirt and what not and because of their biological construction, their skin is either dry or rough or oily which is prone to Acne. 

Here is a list of skin and body care routine which must be followed by men in order to get the refreshed manly face and body.

Skin care routine for Men



Cleansing is a process which helps in getting the dirt and oil out of the face without being harsh to it by using skin care products which are gentle on face. Cleansing the skin includes 2 steps and they are-

1.      Face wash- There are plenty of face washes that are available for men in India. Face wash helps in removing dirt and gunk from face and cleanses up face including pores which carry most of the oil. Face wash should be done twice a day firstly after waking up and secondly before going to sleep at night. Face wash helps in energizing your dull face and gives it freshness.


2.      Scrubbing- Scrubbing is a very helpful and important step which doesn’t require much effort but gives smooth skin as result. Scrubbing helps in getting rid of blackheads and whiteheads and also removes dead skin cells. As it’s bit harsh on the skin because of the particles that work as scrub so  it should only be done twice or thrice a week.



Toning is a very important step in order close the open pores as open pores lead to oily skin and looks very ugly. Toning closes the pores and does not allow oil to peek through it. It gives skin a cooling sensation that makes your skin feel fresh and oil free.



Moisturizing according to your skin type is very important. Moisturizing helps your skin in following ways.

·        Makes your skin soft.

·        Skin is less prone to aging.

·        Makes your skin feel hydrated.

·        Prevents excess oil production.



Sunscreen is something that men mostly don’t care about, but the fact is skincare is very important in order to protect skin from harmful UV rays of sunlight and also helps in keeping tanning at bay. 

Body care routine for Men

Body care is equally important as skin care. It keeps you feel good in yourself and people around you too. Keeping good care of body is hygienic and healthy. These are the following steps in order to get a clean and hygienic body.

Body wash  

There are plenty of body washes available in the market. These help in cleansing the skin really well without making it dry or rough the way soap bar does. Bathing in hot water with help of body was for cleaning open up the pores and eliminates dirt from the pores and gives you a clean body.

Body creams

Most of the men think body creams are meant for women, men are meant to be rough. But skin does not know if it belongs to man or woman so taking care of your body is your responsibility. Using body cream or lotion keeps your body well hydrated and soft.

Fragrance: Deodorants and perfumes

Using deodorants and perfumes gives you confidence from within as it keeps you smell good and fresh all day long.