Summer everyday Makeup routine -Sweat proof makeup
Summers are very hard to handle when it comes to makeup. Sweating makes the makeup hard to stay put.

Summers are not everyone’s favorite. Tanning, oily skin, sweating are few issues that are on its peak during summers. The most irritating problem among women is melting of makeup. No one likes their makeup not being on place because of sweating.

So if you don’t want to look like a mess at the end of the day, here’s summer makeup routine that will help you in making your makeup last longer.

Step 1- Exfoliate your face

To create a perfect canvas, exfoliation is very important. It helps in getting rid of dead skin and gives smooth skin that is ready for the next step. Exfoliation is done either by shaving or scrubbing. There are so many exfoliating products available in market that helps in exfoliating skin well. You can make your own exfoliator at home by using 1 tbsp. of powdered sugar mixed with 1 tbsp of honey and few drops of lemon. This exfoliator will help in removing all dead skin cells from face and provides soft skin. 

Step 2- Apply ice on your skin

Using Ice on your face is an amazing technique to help the makeup last longer on your face. Ice makes pores on your skin less visible, makes skin smoother and it also helps in controlling production of oil on your face. Take a cotton t-shirt and wrap one ice cube in it. Gently move the ice all over your face for 5 minutes. 

Step 3- Apply aloevera gel as primer

Primer is very important in order to make makeup last longer as it helps in makeup stick onto face for long. Aloe vera gel works great as a primer since it is natural, it’s great for summers. You can use either freshly picked aloe-vera and apply its gel by scraping it out or the packaged ones available in market.

Step 4- Use a tinted moisturizer or sunscreen

Try to avoid foundation as much as you can during summers. Foundations create a layer on skin that is prone to either melt off or turn into patches. Tinted moisturizer is like best of both worlds. It gives the appropriate tint that is needed on your skin and keeps your skin moisturized as well. On the other hand, tinted sunscreen helps in protecting skin from UV rays and gives tint too. 

Step 5- Set your face with compact

Setting your face with compact helps in creating a barrier on your face which helps in less secretion of oil and it keeps your skin matte and nice. You can use powder brush to set the areas which secrete oil the most like forehead, nose, under eyes and chin. 

Step 6- Apply waterproof mascara and liner

If you want to apply mascara and liner, make sure it’s waterproof because that is going to help in making it last longer and it won’t smudge even if you sweat. 

Step 7- use liquid cheek and lip tint

Liquid lip and cheek tint help in making them stick on to face for long as they dry up and gets mixed up with skin. For this you don't need to buy a separate lipstick and cheek tint. You can use your liquid lipstick for cheek tint as well by dotting a little on the apples of cheeks and blend with your finger. 

Step 8- Fix it up

At last, fix everything up with the help of aloe vera gel and water spray. Take a spray bottle and fill it up till half and add aloe vera gel to the rest half bottle, shake it well to mix properly and spray all over your face. Its going to help in getting rid of extra oil on face and let the makeup stick on your face all day long. Fixing the makeup would make it last longer and summer ready.