Top 10 Best natural and homemade hair growth remedies
Best Natural and homemade hair growth remedies. Benefits of Coconut oil and amla , Onion juice mask

Hair is very important part of human body So we have to Take care of it

Hair is very important part of human body. It’s a crowningglory that everyone wants to have without any problem. Pollution, stress andimproper care leads to hair problems. Hair growth depends upon many factors. Genes,diet, area and water, all of these are responsible for hair growth.

Below are 10 natural remedies to increase hair growth in notime.

1.   Coconut oil and amla hair pack 

Coconutis known as one of the most beneficial ingredients for hair. It has multipleeffects on hair. Amla, also known as Indian gooseberry has phyto-nutrients andvitamins that stimulates blood circulation and gives healthy, thicker andshinier hair. Mix 4 tbsp. of coconut oil with 2 tbsp. of Amla powder and make athick paste out of it. Apply this on your scalp well and leave on for 1 hourthen wash it off with mild shampoo. This pack is going to give your hair allthe nourishment it needs and will give amazing hairgrowth results.

2.   Onion juice mask

Onion juice is rich in sulphur, which makesit a great ingredient for hair growth. It helpsin getting rid of any kind of hair infection as hair infections lead o hairloss as well. It regrows hair by increase in blood circulation. Just takejuice out of 1-2 onions and massage well into your scalp.

3.   Mustard oil

Mustard oil has been into use since long.  The pungent smell of this is bit hard forsome people but its benefits on hair makes all the drawbacks worth it. It hasomega 3 fatty acid which is really good for hair. It stimulates growth of hairas it increases the blood circulation after a good massage of it.

4.   Yogurt and egg mask

Yogurt is full of protein and has goodness oflactic acid that helps in clearing away dead skin cells and helps in hair growth. Egg yolks have omega 3 and biotin in themwhich are great for hair growth. For hair growth mask, take an egg yolk andwhisk it well with 4 tbsp. of yogurt. Apply this mask on your hair and leave iton for 1 hour then wash it off.

5.   Avocado oil and honey hair mask

The best thing about avocado oil is that itdoesn’t leaves sticky residue on hair. It deeply penetrates under the skin andthe skin absorbs the oil easily. Honey on the other hand has the property ofsoftening and nourishing hair. Avocado oil mixed up with honey gives hairproper nourishment which leads to hair growthand gives deep conditioning.

6.   Ginger hair pack

Ginger is an ingredient which stimulateshair growth. It contains Magnesium, Potassium, Phosphorus, vitamins and fattyacids which prevents hair loss and regular usage helps in growth of hair. For this hair pack, just take juiceout of ginger and apply it all over your scalp. Use this pack regularly forvisible results.

7.   Lemon and coconut oil pack

Lemon is a natural cleanser andhelps in cleaning of hair by removing flakiness of scalp and opens up cloggedpores. When mixed with coconut oil, they provide great results to hair. Coconutoil provides the shine a softness to hair and lemon lets the oil to work fromwithin. Just mix both the ingredients in equal quantity and give your scalpgood massage.

8.   Vitamin - E hair mask

Vitamin E is a known ingredient for hair.There are so many products that are available in market which contains vitaminE. If used directly or consumed, it gives amazing results on your hair. Fordaily dose of vitamin E on your hair, add Vitamin E capsules in your regularshampoo. For hair growth mask, take 2 tbsp. Of castor oil, 1 tbsp. of coconutoil and add 2 vitamin E capsules in it and mix them well. Give your hair a goodmassage and lastly wrap a hot towel on your hair. This will let all ingredientsto work even better and help in hair growth.

9.   Rosemary hair oil

Rosemary oil is a very effective ingredientfor hair growth. It helps a lot even in diseases like alopecia and regrows hair with proper usage. It takes littlepatience to get the results, but at the end it’s worth it. The easiest way touse rosemary oil is by adding its essential oil form to coconut oil and thenapplying it on a regular basis.

10.  Aloe vera gel

Aloe verahas proteolyticenzymes in it which nourishes hair and repairs dead cells. For aloevera hair growth mask, youwill need aloe vera gel (as per length and volume of hair), 2 tbsp. raw honey, and3 tbsp. of virgin coconut oil. Mix the ingredients together to form a paste andapply this on to your hair. Leave on for 45 minutes then wash it off withoutshampoo.