Top Amazing Lemon Uses & Benefits for Skin, Hair & Health
Amazing lemon uses and benefits other than consuming. Lemon is also used for face, hair, dark spots, weight loss and health.

Lemon, a tangy citrus fruit and source of vitamin C with so many benefits. Lemon is widely used all over the world. It’s called ‘Nimbu’ in Hindi. Because of its super tangy taste, it cannot be consumed directly. It’s added up in various dishes for the enhancement of taste. Lemon is not just used for eating purpose; it’s used in various day to day usages. 

Lemon Benefits & Uses :-

1.  For face

2.  For hair

3.  For dark spots

4.  For stain removal

5.  For weight loss

6. For Digestion

7.  For Detoxification

8.  For teeth whitening

9.  For strong nails

10. For pink and exfoliated lips

1. Lemon Uses & Benefits for Face

Lemon is a great agent for lightening and beautifying skin. Because of its natural bleaching property, lemon is an active ingredient in many products available in market. Its bit harsh for our sensitive skin, it should not be applied directly on the skin. Lemon is mostly used for oily skin because it helps in removing oil from pores and cleanses skin from within. Though it can be effective for dry skin as well if mixed with right ingredient. For dry skin, take half lemon and a spoon of milk cream or malai and mix both well and apply this on your skin and leave on for 15 minutes then wash off with tap water. It will give you glowing, moisturized and soft skin. 

2. Lemon Uses & Benefits for Hair

Lemon is actively used in various hair therapies because of its property of removing oil and dandruff from hair. It also helps in hair growth as it unclogs the roots and lets the hair breathe and get the proper nourishment.Lemon also makes hair super shiny and smooth. For an everyday and quick solution for making hair detangled take 1 lemon, 1 tbsp. of aloe Vera gel, water and spray bottle. Mix all of these ingredients and shake the spray bottle well. Spray this mixture on your hair for quick freshness and a great solution for frizzy hair. It can also be mixed with coconut oil and then massaged on hair. It will help in providing nourishment to hair from within.

3. Lemon Uses & Benefits for dark spots

Lemon is a great ingredient for darks pots because of its bleaching and lightening properties. It helps in lightening the scars with regular usage.

Squeeze out half lemon in a bowl and add a pinch of turmeric in it and mix them. Apply the mixture on your scars with help of Q tip and leave it for 10 minutes then wash it off. Regular usage of this will help in reducing scars in no time.

4. Lemon Uses & Benefits for stain removal

Lemon is an active ingredient in most of the natural detergents and soaps because of its stain removal property. It can be rubbed onto stains to remove them without harming the fabric as its completely natural.

5. Lemon Uses & Benefits for weight loss

Lemon is considered as a great ingredient for weight loss. Its usually consumed when mixed with honey and warm water. It does not helps in weight loss directly, but replacing this with other drinks that has more calorie does help in weight loss. 

6. Lemon Uses & Benefits for Digestion

Lemon has great ability to maintain the pH balance in body. Intake of lemon juice along with apple cider vinegar in Luke warm water helps in digestion very well.

7. Lemon Uses & Benefits for Detoxification

Lemon has qualities of freshening up the body from within. It helps in keeping our bowel clean as it helps with gas and bloating. For detox drink with lemon all you need is Lemon, cucumber, mint leaves and water. Put all the ingredients together in bottle and leave it overnight and drink it next morning. All the goodness of each ingredient releases in water and makes a great detox drink.

8. Lemon Uses & Benefits for teeth whitening

Lemon is a great and cheap ingredient tha thelps in teeth whitening. For this, all you need is a lemon and baking soda.Take half tbsp. of baking soda and squeeze half lemon into it. Lemon will react with soda but don’t worry about it because it is what does magic. This paste does wonders for whitening your teeth with regular usage.

9. Lemon Uses & Benefits for strong nails

Lemon is a great ingredient for people suffering from weak and brittle nails. Mix lemon juice with olive and give your nails a good massage. This will help your nails in growth and will make them strong with time.

10. Lemon Uses & Benefits for pink and exfoliated lips

Lemon has great ability to lighten the color of lips. Regular usage of lemon for lips make them pink. It also helps in exfoliating the dead cells and makes lips softer. All you need to do is apply lemon juice on your lips before going to bed. Don’t use it if you have cracked lips.